LPs are tired of receiving the same things day-in, day-out

The alternatives industry is one of those rare few which has people who still believe that ‘real marketing’ is to bring in someone with relationships… then proceed to call/email them over an 18-24 month period. All in an effort to bring in that big capital raise. It works, but marketing in most other industries have grown beyond that by leaps and bounds.

Yes, most managers have evolved since the JOBS Act and are handling a lot more ‘real marketing’ themselves, be it email campaigns, LinkedIn updates, or building a website.

However, there is a lot more that can be done for managers to stand out from the crowd. An allocator we spoke with recently shared with us how he was getting tired of speaking with managers who felt they had something different to offer, only for him to receive the type of materials he received day-in, day-out. We talked about this before, but few people make it through pitchbooks from start to finish. So how do you make your material stand out? Are you including infographics? Are making sure your pitchbook isn’t text-heavy?

In addition, there remains vast potential in the industry for further marketing; few have gone into the realm of re-marketing, and adoption for video still has yet truly pick up. One of the first videos we worked on, dubbed “The World’s First Hedge Fund Advertisement”, is still sending aftershocks that are hitting managers nearly 6 years later. By the way - we’ve gone a step further to produce a 2nd video for the same manager:

The alternatives industry is filled with the world’s most brilliant minds, and we’ve heard of some of the best marketing ideas from managers themselves. Only for them to push them  back - or de-prioritize - these initiatives… does this sound familiar to you? For example: in pitching (and defending) your strategy, you’re a thought leader in your own corner and have got the greatest ideas in your mind. But they often stay only in your head when it can be much better articulated into content that you can market, and that prospective LPs can digest.

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Commentaries, blogs, newsletters - they work. Marketing is about carving out your corner.

In our last webinar, we spent some time discussing email campaigns. A common misconception is that email marketing is “sending a lot of emails to a lot of people”. Go beyond that and study the results gathered from each campaign. If you’re using the right tools, you’ll be able to build lead score around engagement to profile interest among LPs.

The biggest mistake managers can make is in what they don’t do.

By Joey Tung