8 Things Your Marketing Deck Will Never Accomplish

1. Convey the passion and conviction you have for what you do.

People always tell us that they do well when they get in a room. They then spend a hundred hours trying to figure out how to capture this energy and put it in their deck. It isn’t possible. No matter how skilled you are at writing, you will never be able to put the power of a face-to-face meeting onto a piece of paper – a video, better, but still not the same.


2. Close capital.

A marketing deck is simply one step in a long process. It obviously has to be extremely professional and inclusive, however, it won’t close anything on it’s own. A pitch deck is nothing more than a prop in a larger play.


3. Be perfect.

Good marketing is not about being perfect. Good marketing is about being in market. If you are spending hours and hours tweaking your deck, it is a misallocation of resources.


4. Allow you to profile interest properly without the use of marketing technology.

People spend countless hours building their pitch book, however, most have no idea what information people find compelling and what material is never given a second look. More to the point, most have no idea if people are reading their deck or not.


5. Stand out amongst others without a focus on design and aesthetics.

It is remarkable that people still build a deck with a header, blue line, content, and footer. It is quite easy to build something that is just as professional, but extremely memorable. Doesn’t that make more sense?


6. Be all you need.

Asset managers place too much emphasis on their pitch book. It should never be viewed in isolation. It plays an important part in the capital raising process, but not the only part. A marketing deck should be supported by a variety of other tools and tactics.


7. Alter the trajectory of your marketing process.

To think that you will build and incredible deck and watch the money roll in is naïve. That is like throwing a hockey stick on the ice and expecting it to win a game by itself. A pitch book is only effective when in the hands of an expert.


8. Work as a presentation.

If you are walking through your pitch deck page by page in a meeting you are doing it wrong. Decks typically aren’t designed to effectively present. If you are looking for something to compliment a meeting, best design something specifically for the task.