The Old Give And Take… And Take


The classic practice of compromise or mutual concession - something our kindergarten teachers taught us. 

When it comes to Allocator/ Investor Analytics (a.k.a. Marketing Automation), the same rule applies. You give first, and take later.


1. Pieces of information.

It can be something you’ve put a lot of effort into creating i.e. a White Paper that you have co-published with someone else, books that you have written that are available online, or a profile video that you have available on your website.

It can also be something a lot less onerous i.e. your monthly performance update that you already send out anyway, weekly commentaries that you provide, or offering memorandums that are sitting on your website, ready for download.


2. An opportunity for people to connect with you.

Essentially, a form on your website where people can sign-up for a service or event offered by you. Webinars, newsletters, monthly performance updates, seminars, etc.

By the way, if you aren’t doing the above, it’s time to ask yourself if your fund marketing is on track. 


A link connecting your prospect to an IP Address.

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By linking a prospect to an IP Address, you’re able to track their behaviors past, present, and future. You’ll be able to profile them based on their previous visits to your website… and continue to track them in the future.

A prospect who keeps picking up your material [think: frequency and recency] is someone worth talking to by a factor of 100 compared to a name pulled out of a hat. You wouldn’t have known who that was if not for this special link between prospect and IP Address. Start talking to them. You can even steer conversations based on what you know they are interested in.

The question is: Do you want the information, or not?

It’s not going to make you any worse off than where you’re at now.

As you go through the ‘Life of a Lead’, exploring a prospect’s path along your website and marketing materials, you also have the power to score him/ her based on their level of engagement. For someone who’d viewed your home page, they get 2 points. And for the curious one who’d downloaded your offering memorandum, they get 15.

This takes away your need to look for someone to present to every morning when you hit your desk. Your prospects are now presenting themselves to you in the form of a lead score, based on how they’re engaged with information that you’ve made available to them.


It doesn’t stop there. Set up an alert to hit your inbox immediately when a prospect passes a certain lead score, and build automated emails that are fired out based on certain triggers.

Build relationships 1,000 at a time with what you’re already doing, and nurture them one-by-one, speaking with those that want to learn more about your fund.


It’s never really just Give and Take. It’s a rule of give and take, and take… and take.

  1. The rule is overpowering,
  2. The rule enforces uninvited debts which the other party doesn’t know about, and
  3. The rule can trigger unequal exchanges

Start by giving something.