Which Hedge Fund Are You?

Marketing Recommendations for 2018

This piece is designed to provide some marketing insight for Hedge Funds, regardless of their circumstance.


Very large closed funds that are performing exceptionally well.

For this fortunate crew, marketing is still for lesser beings.


Very large funds with average performance that have not experienced heavy redemptions.

This is a very precarious position to be in. Things could go either way.

Our recommendation, invest heavily in building brand. It is critical to remind your investors why they invested. Get in front of the cameras, build content, distribute thought leadership, if you don’t re-establish yourselves as industry leaders, next year could get ugly.


Very large funds with average performancethat haveexperienced heavy redemptions.

STOP! You need to take everything down to the studs and re-build it. Best re-enter the fight with new tools and a new story. The key to 2018 will be the consistency of communication.  It is going to take time to earn the right to be heard. Focus on video. Nothing is more powerful than human passion.


Average sized funds with respectable AUM and good performance looking to grow.

Your target, the Fighters, you need to hit their relationships with everything you have. Push heavy into PR and content distribution. The goal, look relevant, modern and informed. New websites and aesthetically powerful decks will help with this. Be what the industry is turning into, not what it was.


Funds with AUM from $100M - $250m and great performance.

Don’t try to appease everyone. Be credible, not “institutional.” If you don’t know what that means, think on it, or call us.  Create a top 100 prospective LP list and earn their attention. An original direct mail concept is a fantastic idea. Invest in marketing technology that will allow you to profile interest online. The people you want to talk to are lurking just below the surface.


Funds with AUM below $100M with fantastic performance and a powerful story.

Don’t worry about AUM, it will come, focus on awareness instead. Invest heavily into databases, content creation and marketing technology. Build a strong website. First impressions are everything. You aren’t trying to sell anything to anyone at this stage. Don’t sell, educate.


Start up funds with no AUM and no budget.

Don’t worry about marketing. Build a track record and a marketing war chest. Both will be necessary.

By Kyle Dunn