One Thing To Do That Guarantees More Web Traffic

"We've got a great website that gives visitors a quality experience"

"But... why are so few people visiting my website?”

We've heard this before. Having a modern website, but not changing anything you’re doing won’t impact the amount of web traffic you’re getting today.

There are singers who are just as good as Frank Sinatra, but no one knows about them because they’re only singing in the shower. In this industry, websites are designed to be destinations; meaning that few people go to them by accident, and rarely does anyone ‘stumble across them’. Even if you’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars on it! You need to guide people to your website.

The best way to do this is with email campaigns.

It's an open secret that web traffic increases significantly on days that email campaigns are sent, regardless of the industry that you’re in.

How significant?

You can see the effect in Meyler's own Site Traffic results (below) - each dramatic spike was the result of an email campaign. These spikes also saw approximately 600-1,100% of the number of web visitors on a day without an email campaign.

web visits.png

Drive up web traffic with COMPELLING email content. Ensure that it ENGAGES your prospects.

... and most of all, keep it SIMPLE.

By Alan Chu