Bridgewater, Citadel Crank Up Digital Profile

From Bridgewater Associates’s founder Ray Dalio joining Twitter last month to Citadel Group recently rolling out a new website, the digital push is gaining ground in the hedge fund space as more firms look to modernize aspects of their marketing efforts and gain insights from interactive data, industry watchers say. Long known for their secrecy and exclusivity, hedge funds over the last 18 months have increasingly been exploring updating or launching websites, adding social media, and going digital with pitch books and other investor materials. An oversupply of hedge funds in the market and investors being inundated with options is pushing firms to join the increased digital stride, says J.D. David, COO at Meyler Capital, an alternatives marketing firm.

“The trend has absolutely gained momentum,” he says, noting that emerging managers are increasingly open to adapting digital tools. “We’ve seen a lot more comfort and acceleration in the trend in the last two years than in the last five to 10 years combined.”

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