A Manager Asks: Does Blogging Work?

In industry terms, does blogging (i.e. market commentary, white papers, thought pieces, etc.) help you build relationships and raise capital?

The answer: “Yes.”

Yes – it helps you get in conversations that you otherwise wouldn’t have been in, and yes, it offers your investors / prospective investors an additional touch point as often as you publish your insights.

In proverbial terms, your insights can be used to lead horses to water, and while you can’t force them to drink… with more horses by the water, it’s more likely that one of them will do more than just stand there.

Your commentaries and papers, coupled with a strong marketing automation platform + strategy, can help you to further “bring more prospective investors to the water”.

[What is marketing automation?]

Being able to track your readers, and being able to build a lead score to identify your hottest prospects helps you hone in on who you should be spending your time with.

You might say…

“My prospective investors don’t read blogs”.

There’s some truth in it that people don’t go around looking for managers’ insights daily, or even weekly. But, that doesn’t mean that they don’t stumble across commentaries and thought pieces when they’re searching for information on the web.

For prospects that you know are choosing between you and another manager with similar performance, there’s no arguing that they might favor the managers who appears to be the better expert in the industry. Therefore, it’s critical that you establish yourself as the expert in your prospects’ minds.

“More web visits? Cool. Greater online presence? Nice. But what I really want are new leads!”.

And that’s what distributing your commentaries, papers, and thought pieces gets you.

Every person that lands on your articles represents an opportunity for you to generate a new lead. If you write a commentary that 100 people read, you have 100 opportunities to get those readers to build a more meaningful relationship.

Remembering that you give before you get: offer a free eBook, an infographic, a case study, etc. in exchange for a few minutes of their time, their email address (if you didn’t previously have it, etc.)

Your investors and prospective investors will likely never be on the edge of their seats waiting for your next market commentary. But yet, when they receive them, it’s another flash point to remind them about you, to cement your place as an expert in their minds, and better yet – those who are most interested in what you have to say will read from top to bottom.

And – at the end of the day, you stand with more to gain when someone reads one of your commentaries.

By Alan Chu