Webinar 101 for Fund Managers

Just last month, we presented a webinar: ‘Effective Presentation of Complex Financial Concepts’. Missed it? Check out the recorded version HERE.

Webinars have seen tremendous growth in the marketing world over the past few years. It’s no longer the ‘next big event’, but something more normal, and something that’s seen more frequently. In that same vein, stay tuned for upcoming Meyler webinars this Spring.

Fund managers and capital raisers have slowly (and carefully) begun using this as a tool for LP updates. Teleconferences are quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Our bet? There will be a dramatic spike in the use of webinars not just for LP updates, but also for educational investor seminars – a soft-sell.

There’s no question that having a 1-on-1 in-person meeting with a prospective LP is the most ideal way to strengthen a relationship. When a deal is close to being complete, it’s most definitely worth it. But it’s just not possible to travel across the country (or globe) to meet with every single prospective LPs one-by-one.

Why the increased use of webinars?

1. You can communicate with people from anywhere in the world

The true power of webinars: the ability to have visual + audio communications with dozens, or even hundreds of prospective LPs right over the internet.

Both you and your audience will never have to leave the comfort of your office chair.

2. The opportunity to re-present again and again

If 50% of your registrants end up attending your webinar, you’ve already gotten a strong turnout.

What about the others who weren’t able to make it? Unlike a physical meeting in which one of the participants had suddenly taken ill, the opportunity isn’t lost just yet. A recording of your webinar means that your presentation is available to those who weren’t able to attend ‘live’, and those who wanted to replay segments of your presentation.

3. It feeds new relationships into your pipeline

Every business is driven by new leads. The alternatives industry is no different – it’s a game of ratios and the more prospective LPs there are, the more likely you are to convert one into an active LP.

A sign-up form for a webinar is essentially an ‘open invitation’ to anyone who stumbles across your website. While it’s not that likely anyone just runs into your form, it’s very possible for people to be referred, or to be directed there through updates on social media.

Partnering with another presenter also gives you a chance to tap into their networks.

4. Position yourself as an expert

“It’s a free webinar… Who cares?”

Your audience does. And just because it’s “free” doesn’t mean they’re not exchanging anything for the content. To attend a webinar, your prospect has to register, put the date in their calendar, set aside time for the event, show up at the right time, and then give you 30-60 minutes of their time.

5. Build relationships and earn credibility & trust

A webinar is another opportunity for your audience to hear you and interact with you in a different setting (vs. in-person, over the phone, etc.). With each added touch point, your credibility and connection to your audience is being strengthened.

Thinking about presenting your first webinar?

Far too many people get bored during webinars. Try these 3 things:

1. Quick Slide Changes

This goes against everything you’ve been told to do for in-person presentations. Webinars are a different ball game in which you aren’t there to control the ‘visual’ with your gestures; the only visual that your audience has is what’s on their screens.

Quick slide changes every 20-30 seconds help retain your audience’s attention. In other words, it compels them to stay on the presentation screen, rather than to flip screens and have your voice playing in the background while they do something else.

2. Show Something Happening

Show, not tell.

Seeing is believing. If you’ve performed well in the past quarter, show your LPs how your hedges and shorts worked out and take them through the steps. Show them what you can do that others can’t.

3. Concise & Re-structured

With every minute that passes the 30 minute mark, your audience will begin to lose interest no matter how good the presentation is. The infographic below demonstrates how the best webinar presentations (for prospective LPs) differ from traditional presentations:

By Alan Chu