Be Human

Data is good. People obsess over it. We study open rates, clicks, response rates and more. Managers huddle over their Bloomberg terminals, eyes fixated on the ups and downs.

Marketing decks have to be perfect, the story convincing. It’s our job to isolate information and push for evolutionary language. GPs work and re-work the logic. There can’t be a hole.

Everything is measured, ROI, AUM, performance.

There are airplanes, rental cars and hotels. A meeting is always in 15 minutes.

The markets are ruthless. There is no reprieve.

Its in the midst of all of this we forget the most important part of our business… being human.

Care for the person first.


Be respectful of their time.

Everyone faces their own demons. Their day isn’t about you.

In short, breathe before you engage.

Meet the person before you meet the investor. It will do you well.

In a world of numbers we tend to overlook the obvious.

By Kyle Dunn