Change How You Communicate… Connect With More LPs

The manner in which people want to receive information is evolving and the form information takes is changing. Being direct, you will have a much better chance of engaging new LPs if you acknowledge this reality. And recognize I am not implying that LPs need less information. I am simply saying that you need to alter the tactics and mediums you use to deliver it. This all stems from two things. The first is technology, an obvious culprit. The second is perhaps a little less obvious, and that is the pressure on time.


I won’t delve too deeply into technology.  Anything you want is available in your hands 24/7.  The key learning here:  have you ever tried to review a PDF of a heavy PowerPoint page on a phone? Not pretty.

People in the US spend 51% of their time on mobile devices versus 42% on desktop.  Do you account for this when when planning your communication strategy? Should you?

The rise of mobility has also changed how people want to receive information. Everyone needs to stop thinking in paragraphs. Have you ever tried to read a list of text-heavy bullets on a PowerPoint page while riding in a cab in Manhattan? It doesn’t work.

When communicating in a modern world you need to be very cognizant of how you layer information. Yes, at a certain point, bring on the data.  However, it is critical to understand when and how to do this. Why are there no paragraphs on freeway signs? Interesting way to think, isn’t it?

Let me touch on video.  If you don’t believe you need a video read this. It is also worth checking out the websites of Blackrock, Blackstone, Carlyle, Bridgewater, etc. Why do all their sites include video? Appreciate that 50% of mobile traffic is now dedicated to video. Why… because you can watch a video while riding in a cab in Manhattan.  That sound you just heard… should be your mind exploding.  If you still don’t get it, I can’t help you. Recognize I could go on and on and on with additional examples.  My point, technology HAS CHANGED how you need to construct and deliver information.

Time Pressure

Now let’s delve into the less obvious reason why you need to change how you communicate.  Simply put, the pressure on people’s time is insane. It seriously is.  This is evidenced by the army of drones walking down the sidewalks staring at their phones. It’s is not that people aren’t interested in your beautifully crafted 38 page PowerPoint deck:  they simply don’t have the time to read the damn thing.

Our grandmothers and grandfathers had it easy, net things like the Great Depression, a couple pesky World Wars, and the absence of Netflix.  In the evening, when the kids went to bed they could sit in a chair with nothing to do.  Why not read?  Today, as soon as my daughter goes to bed I am scrambling to catch up to the 100 emails I missed… in the time it took me to get my daughter to bed.

In building information you need to recognize that you are competing with Johnny’s first bike ride, Youtube crack, and 24/7 connectivity.

So what do you do? I will give you some very direct and simply advice.  Use fewer words… on everything.

People no longer have the luxury of being able to allocate a huge amount of time to learn. (Which is not good) If you want to get their attention you need to punch them in the face with bold headlines and direct messages.  Again, this should be a light bulb moment when it comes to telling your story. Can someone sit in a cab in Manhattan and thumb through a PDF of your deck, and immediately ascertain why you are the next big thing?

If not… well friends, that is a missed opportunity.

By Kyle Dunn