Marketing Motivation

Shadow of a businessman standing

Be something.

Don’t walk into a room and use other people’s words.

Find your own words.

If nothing else, the day will be more interesting.


If you do it consistently enough, a brand will emerge.

More importantly it will be your own.

Not some recycled version of another’s idea.


But that means you need to be different.

Which is scary.


But fear means you are walking outside of your comfort zone.

And that’s the only way you will end up some place new.

Which is what you want.


So focus on tomorrow’s version of what is credible today.

Your story will be more inspiring.

There will be power to your words.

People will pay attention.


Sure, you may fall down.

But get back up.

People care a lot less than you think they do.

It’s just marketing.

By Kyle Dunn

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