Strategic Storytelling

If you need to raise capital with your investment marketing presentation, you will most probably have noticed it is a challenge to keep your potential clients focused on the true value that you bring amidst the constant barrage of information offered by your competitors.

Although there are many advocates for effective storytelling in the workplace, storytelling is still perceived by a majority of presenters in the financial services field as a “nice-to-have” and a “soft skill” that adds some colour commentary but has no real value.

Upon closer inspection, strategic financial stories help sell the business.

The reality is: data tell and stories sell.

The numbers are obviously critical to your pitch – but carefully researched and selected strategic financial stories help to embed the numbers in the minds of your potential clients. Data and stories are essential symbiotic partners.

What is strategic storytelling?

Selected strategic stories are the cerebrospinal fluid that helps to make sense of data and plays an extremely persuasive role in well-crafted investment marketing pitches.

Every presenter’s job description should include the role of tribal story-teller — helping clients within the broader financial “tribe” to better understand the complexity of the investment approach using carefully crafted strategic stories.

These stories illustrate how CEOs overcame challenges, made good business decisions and delighted clients. Well researched strategic stories can dramatize the reason for the organization’s existence and potential value – the “why” of the business and highlight investment opportunities missed by others.


Presenters who engage in strategic storytelling help to make sense of their unique investment marketing approach, enabling clients to see the process through their eyes. Well-researched strategic stories contain distinctive investment perspectives and illustrate why certain investment approaches are preferred.

So, whatever you approach has been in the past, it’s time to add “strategic storyteller” to your job approach.

The goal is to get your clients to connect the dots about the why of your pitch, leading to better engagement. And hopefully, strategic storytelling will add value to your investment marketing presentations with positive and measurable results.