Are You Linking Names To IP Addresses? If Not, You Should Be. Here's Why...

If you're a marketer, and are going to read only one article this year … this is it.

I am not trying to be overly dramatic. This is big.

SEM, SEO, CMS, [or CPC, CAC, ROI]… the list goes on. It’s a fight. What worked the last time doesn’t tend to work the next. Nothing typically works as well as you want it to. Welcome to marketing. It’s a game of cat and mouse. All everyone wants is more. More clicks. More likes. More engagement.

I am convinced that in the next five years marketing will focus almost exclusively on the goal of attaching a name to a given IP address.

If you are like me you are drowning in IP addresses. Great for a relative measure of effectiveness, but not actionable. But, if you attach a name to that IP address... boom, everything changes. It is only a matter of time before you start a conversation with that prospective customer.

Not feeling the weight of the revelation? Think about it. You don’t need to worry about selling anything day one. You simply need to focus on identifying who people are. This is an entirely different conundrum, requiring and entirely different approach.

Suddenly, the big retailers don’t look so crazy do they? Out of the gates it isn’t about the product. It is about enticing someone to click. This is why most of the content online is sensationalized. Things are so damn entertaining, sexy, and shocking you almost have to click on the link in an email or enter in a piece of data. After that you might as well be running around online waving a flag screaming, “It’s me. It’s me.”

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The most sophisticated marketers tend to market the least sophisticated products.It’s those that sell complicated, uninteresting stuff, that tend to have it bass ackwards. We need to drop the pretense and focus on the click or form submission. Not just trying to get them, but actually harvesting the information they contain. This requires a massive shift in thinking.

There needs to be an entirely new layer within our marketing process. A layer designed to engage, not educate or sell. This serves one purpose and one purpose only - to identify the name behind the IP. From that point forward, substantive content (the stuff you do today) and big brother (marketing automation) will reel in the prospect.

Recognize that credibility and creativity are not mutually exclusive.Build online traps, websites and landing pages that entice people to enter a piece of information. Send emails that flirt with people’s curiosity. Build an email to entice an action, not assess interest. (That is a big statement.)

And recognize none of this is possible without marketing automation software. There are many available, they work well and they’re not overly expensive. But, they do require some set-up and customization. Invest the money and effort; it’s a key part of being able to monetize your marketing information.

If you weren’t fixated on linking contact details to IP addresses when you started reading this, it is a damn good thing you picked this as the one article to read this year.


By Kyle Dunn

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