When Bad Markets Happen To Good Funds - 4 Things To Do Right Now To Grow Assets

In the face of daily headlines blaring about dissatisfied investors, weak performance, high fees and closing funds, executives at hedge funds of every size and strategy are frustrated about their fund raising efforts and are focusing more inward on their marketing communications. But turning attention and resources away from marketing can be the wrong approach for many firms, where a good strategy, a strong team and a confident attitude can add up to real opportunities to define, differentiate and open doors using PR and communications to boost fund raising.

And it’s not just top decile fund performers that are upping their commitment to building during this challenging period.

Managers who adapt their outward facing story to today’s markets and investors’ perspective will position their firms to deliver solutions to allocators who are looking for returns, certainly, but also looking for long-term relationships with the right firms.  This trend is happening in parts of the industry already.  AIMA, the global hedge fund association, recently noted that “investors and fund managers are increasingly entering into partnerships with one another, founded on principles of increased transparency, customization and co-investment.”

Here's how we are working with clients right now to translate this approach into effective PR for their funds:  

4 Things To Do Right Now to Grow Assets:

1. Sharpen Your Story -- The market is awash in negative headlines.   That’s not your story.  Find or refine your story by defining and differentiating your fund and your firm away from today’s headlines.   How are you taking advantage of today’s markets? Why is your team and your strategy best suited to a changing market landscape? How are you helping investors solve problems?  The answers are the foundation of your story and brand.

2. Tell Your Story to Your Market --Tell your story through the reach and credibility of the media that talk to your target markets.  Identify the most influential journalists in the marketplace and provide them with news, insights, trends, and the time to get to  know you so that they can tell your story accurately.  Develop a steady drumbeat of appropriate media exposure that tells the story of your firm and your fund and that reaches your  targets.

3. Drive Your Story with Content -- Today’s media landscape offers many impactful outlets that hedge funds can use to publish articles, blogs, reports and other written material that demonstrates their pedigree, process and expertise.  Such content provides complete message control, tells your story, can have a powerful impact on traditional media, and has strong SEO value.

4. Roll the Video -- A two-minute video can be on one the most powerful tools to communicate exactly who you are, what you do and the passion and expertise that you bring.  You completely control the message, make a strong first impression even before the first meeting, and significantly help people find you -- your website is 50 times more likely to show up on the first page of Google results if it contains video content. Cutting back on marketing in the face of challenging markets is a typical – and wrong – response.   Use this time to stand out from your peers, tell your story and open new doors to existing and prospective clients.