Re-think Your Marketing

Being a marketer, I read a lot about marketing. There is no central source of information. I wander the ethos and engage when something catches my eye.

There are plenty of people commenting on what to do, new techniques, new ideas, etc. Here I simply share my perspective on some things. Ideally something will trigger and push you in a new, more productive direction.

In re-thinking your marketing:

  • Do everything faster  (No, it’s not right, but the world doesn’t care anymore. People want to hear from you immediately. Minutes matter.)
  • Recognize that you aren’t trying to sell anything; you are trying to be discovered. (It changes things.)
  • Be a brand that is backed by a quality good or service, not the reverse.
  • Recognize that social marketing is now just marketing.
  • Appreciate that being “in market” is more important than being perfect.
  • Reduce your word count.
  • Do things that make you uncomfortable.
  • Ask someone under 20 what they think.
  • Ask someone over 70 what they think.
  • Try to describe your value proposition using words you have never used before.
  • Plan for the fact that nothing will work as well as you want it to.
  • Spend more time talking to your clients.
  • Have patience. (I am not good at this.)
  • Appreciate that if you always listen to the “industry” nothing big will typically happen.
  • Appreciate that creating space around one bold comment is much more powerful than a long list of attributes.

You won’t walk away from this list with anything actionable; however, I am hopeful that it will change the trajectory of your thinking at some level.

By Kyle Dunn