Why You Need to Change How You Present to Institutions

This is going to be an extremely short blog.

Why has this (click here) become this (click here)?

And all of you serious people out there are going to instantly say that the second video is engaging, but drivel.  A few comments:

  1. The second video has received 15,000,000 views... the first, 47,000.
  2. If you don’t think marketers can build a video that is appropriate, but entertaining for institutions, take ten seconds and look at your watch, your car, your clothes, etc.  (I have to smile at this point…).

You see something very “serious” can be engaging.  There is no rebuttal, there is no “but”; in a world that is drowning in content, you need to stand out if you hope to break through the noise.

By Kyle Dunn