The Worst Advice You’ll Hear About Blogging

Commenting on blogs is a waste of time

Refusing To Comment On Blogs is actually quite high up on the list of Bonehead Content-Marketing Mistakes. Refusing, because of the belief that commenting on blogs is a waste of time, just too time-consuming or a way to make yourself seem pretentious.

That’s when you need to be told about companies like Mashable that made blog commenting a massive marketing strategy. Pete Cashmore, the founder of Mashable, helped the firm achieve astronomical growth because he would leave detailed and insightful comments on credible blogs (i.e. TechCrunch). Over time, people saw his comments and followed him over to his blog.

Lots of people have a hard time figuring out how it adds to the bottom-line, because it just isn’t something that translates to instant results. Like that before and after picture in the gym, many people quit before they see the rewards.

To you, it seems there are no immediate rewards. But if you are commenting on blogs frequently (and intelligently!), you will clearly see the growth to your online presence over time. Pencil in two 15-minute spots each week on your schedule to leave comments on other blogs. It’s a simple and inexpensive tactic that helps to generate traffic to both you and your firm. It’s simple, and inexpensive.

By Alan Chu

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