Marketing! Do This And Reduce Your Anxiety

Marketing your fund can be stressful. You have such little time to evangelize on why someone should direct their capital your way. How often have you said to yourself, “If I just had a little more time, I know they would see it my way?”

What happens next?

You tend to cram as much information as possible into the smallest space possible. The result, you end up with a paragraph in fine print on a freeway sign. (Marketing decks?)

The solution is recognizing that you aren’t going to get someone to care about you on the first touch. This simple realization changes everything. The first touch is meant to engage. Not convince.

What happens when you aren’t panicked to say everything right out of the gates?

  1. You don’t overcrowd your marketing material and you start to isolate the primary reasons why someone should engage.
  2. In not feeling you have to say everything at once you naturally start to build process into your efforts.
  3. There isn’t a “hard sell” aura around your firm.
  4. You spend more time thinking about what words to use, which tends to garner stronger results.
  5. It assists your salespeople in that they don’t feel panicked to say everything when they engage a prospect.

Realizing that you aren’t going to get someone to care about you on the first touch really does reduce your anxiety. It is akin to a baseball player on a hitting streak.  When asked what has changed, the batter often comments that they can simply see the ball better, that time has slowed down.

My advice, don’t feel rushed to say everything at once. It is not going to improve your results, quite the opposite really. On the first touch, focus on nothing but starting a conversation. Don’t worry about “selling” anything. Truth be told, it will actually shorten the sales cycle.

By Kyle Dunn