Intimacy and Alternatives: Cross Over

I just spent a few minutes watching a video featuring Cory Richards. He’s a world famous photographer whose self-portrait made it on the cover of National Geographic. Cory took the photo just minutes after surviving a near death experience. (Link to the article).

Cory said something that struck me as profound.  Cory expressed that “intimacy is the linchpin to all great photography."  This smacked me right in the face. I’d argue that it’s the linchpin to all great marketing as well.

There is very little intimacy in our industry. Perhaps this is why marketing always seems to fall a bit short.

This industry is cold and hard. Numbers flood over vulnerabilities and fears. You stare at stoic pictures of “business people” who look like robots. The words used to describe strategies and thinking lack personality, feeling, and authenticity.

We mitigate risk…

Shoot me now.

My advice: cross over to the other side. Be who you are, admit your faults, show emotion, and speak from your heart.  In doing so, I think you will notice a stronger following. There is strength in honesty and overcoming vulnerabilities. People are searching for character amidst the downpour of numbers.

None of us is invulnerable (recent market events can attest to that). Even Superman has Kryptonite. Pretending we don’t is either disingenuous or delusional.

By Kyle Dunn

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