Your Kid’s Future Job Probably Doesn’t Even Exist Today

Felix Kjellberg is only 25 years of age and he makes more money than most professional athletes.

In fact, it was reported that he made seven million dollars last year alone.  At the same time, you probably have never heard his name before.  That’s because Felix Kjellberg is better known under his online pseudonym, “PewDiePie”.  PewDiePie records himself playing and reacting to various videogames; in doing so, he has become the most subscribed to and highest-earning person on YouTube.

While it’s amazing that PewDiePie can become that successful making YouTube videos, it’s even more amazing that this wasn’t possible even ten years ago.  The video below points out that, “the top 10 in-demand jobs in 2010 didn’t exist in 2004”.  Check it out:

Society is always changing - new and unique opportunities for success are constantly sprouting up.  With that in mind, the people who are most likely to seize these opportunities are millennials.  Millennials have grown up in such a different world than any previous generation – they see open doors where elder generations don’t see a door at all.  As supplement to this, the highest earning YouTube personalities (who all make more than one million a year) are almost all twenty-something or younger.

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The perspective offered by a millennial is so different than that of the typical investment manager. They have unparalleled familiarity and foresight into a world of changing possibilities.  Don’t get blinded by their age – hire a millennial and get a fresh take.