The Attention Economy and Why You Should Care

I recently read a post authored by Mark Manson talking about how we are transitioning from a knowledge economy to an attention economy. It really is a fascinating read. The general premise: with information being limitless and free, the keeper of knowledge is no longer in control. Mark points out that power is transitioning to those who can command attention.

There are 100s of long / short equity funds. A lot of them are doing quite well. Why are some able to raise capital, while others cannot? It can’t simply be the “strategy”, as they are all too similar. Surely it can’t be performance - some of the top performers get no traction. The winners are those who get the attention.

And yes, I agree it has to the right attention, but attention is still pivotal to their success. The big question, then, is how do you get that attention?

In our effort to generate attention we pursue a wide variety of tactics. Often times the conversation goes like this:  

IDEA                                                                                                    Typical Response

Lets look at social media?                                                                   Not ‘institutional’.

We should do a video?                                                                        Institutional investors don’t watch videos.

PR campaign?                                                                                      Waste of time.

Should we look at online platforms?                                                   Investors aren’t using them.

Content marketing?                                                                             Content what?

A Brand Strategy?                                                                                No one cares about brand.

Lets run a sonar campaign?                                                                 A what?

Good to build a digital deck?                                                              Investors will revolt.

Push out thought leadership?                                                             Don’t have time.

Should your language evolve?                                                             No, it’s fine.     The list goes on.

My question to all those who have a death grip on their PowerPoint deck, what are you doing to get the attention of investors? What do you do after you talk to everyone you know?

By Kyle Dunn