Raising Capital? The Secret Revealed

People raising capital are always looking for the magic button. Surprisingly, one exists.

But lets dispel the myths first: Building a deck isn't that magic button. Building a deck doesn't even constitute marketing - you are creating a tool intended to help the process. Most people build a deck and consider marketing “done”.

Website: an even better tool, but no.  No one will see the site without the “marketing”.

It isn't a video, it isn't a cool digital deck, it’s not even PR.

Strange isn't it?  We are talking about all the things people define as “marketing”; however, none of it is actually marketing. These are simply tools that accomplish little if they are not put to work.

Someone out there is smiling thinking they have that magic button nailed: obviously it's relationships, right?  Close, but no.  Very few people know enough people to successfully raise capital. Relationships = the industry’s excuse not to “market”.

The secret is, wait for it… consistency. That’s it. Consistency. You simply have to keep “doing”. If you are making calls, make more calls. If you are sending emails, send more emails. If you choose to go to conferences, go to more conferences.

Most conversations we get in occur after we have sent someone 20+ emails.

Regardless of what you do - taking into account that you have to have something that is actually “marketable” -  if you do it consistently, over time, you will raise money.

By Kyle Dunn