Marketing Gravity – Why You Need It

People need to reverse their thinking. Instead of asking:

How do I go out and talk to more people?

You need to ask yourself:

How do I attract more people to me?

Traditionally, marketing has been about projecting your message outwards with the intent to elicit a response from one’s target audience. The ROI on this tactic is decreasing rapidly for three reasons:

1. There is so much noise out there that people are becoming impervious to new messaging.

2. With so many new forms of communication it has become extremely difficult to succinctly deliver a message to a target audience (some use LinkedIn, some Google news, and some still pick up a newspaper – not sure who watches TV anymore).

3. Everyone is skeptical of communication that comes directly from the creator.

The shift in language is subtle; the shift in strategy, massive.

Most in the alternatives community pick up their shotgun and start peppering the institutional community with their marketing deck. I don’t think many would argue that this isn't all that effective anymore.

What do you do then? How do you create “marketing gravity”? How do I start attracting investors to me?

10 ways to create marketing gravity:

1. Shift your thinking (as soon as you start thinking about how to attract investors versus how to go out and talk to investors, everything changes).

2. The language you use to describe what you do has to be different.

3. You need to create intrigue (investors are curious people – do I need to say more).

4. Don’t sell your fund – nobody cares, demonstrate that you are a thought leader.

5. Build and present content in such a way that you can tell who is engaging in that content (set traps; put information in places where investors might stumble upon it, and then check if anyone engages).

6. Build a good website and populate it with new content.

7. Participate in social networks, but don’t talk about “your fund”.

8. Speak at events.

9. Build a network of evangelists (if you have a group of people out there that speak highly of you, people will investigate).

10. Be charitable.

By Kyle Dunn