The Age of Digital Decks

Why do you need a digital deck?

Envision a scenario where we both receive a call from an investor while walking down a street:

                         Me                                                                                                      You

“Yes, you are interested, excellent.”                                              “Yes, you are interested, excellent.”

“Are you in front of a computer? Yes, perfect.”                            “Oh you would like to look at our stuff”

“Go to                                                    “I will send you our deck as soon as I get off the call and onto my computer”

“Click to slide 2, that’s why you should invest with us.”                 “I will follow up after you have had a chance to look at the deck.”

“Go to slide 5, nobody is doing that.”                                             “Thanks for the call.”

“Now jump to slide 10, that’s crazy cool isn’t it.”                           “Hmmm, where am I.”

“Note page 13, look at John’s experience.”                                     “That’s a cool car.”

“Why don’t we get together next week.”                                        “Nice day.”

“Sounds good, I will see you next Thursday.”

Who would you rather be, me or you?

If an investor calls you need to be able to present to them on the spot.  That’s how fast the world is moving.  To pretend otherwise is naïve.

Some examples of digital decks: click here.

By Kyle Dunn