Raising Capital: 15 Steps To Prevent You From Doing Just Enough To Fail

1. Don’t assume you know everyone you need to know to achieve your goals.

2. Budget 3 times more than you think the marketing process will cost.

3. Don’t assume that the money will find you if your track record is really good.

4. Honestly ask yourself whether you are offering investors anything new.

5. Deeply reflect on the fact that you manage money, and are not leading a sales team at P&G.

6. Figure out how many investors that you need to talk to, and then multiply that number by 25.

7. Build a website, you aren’t credible without one.

8. Don’t design your deck without reading 10 others that do what you do:

a. In all likelihood there are 10 others that do what you do.

b. If you sound like all 10, that is going to be a problem.

9. Remember that investors are really, really bored of seeing the same thing everyday.

10. Don’t go into a meeting if you can’t handle it without your deck, you will fail.

11. Find someone that you know that has a membership for Preqin and make sure you understand the competitive set.

12. Recognize that most people who you think will give you money, aren’t going to give you money.

13. Produce a video that clearly articulates your value proposition.  If done right it will have the capacity to replace the need for the “first meeting” and you won’t have to get on an airplane to find out that people aren’t interested.

14. Double the amount of time you think it will take to raise the money you want to raise.

15. Don’t neglect your brand strategy, it is as important as your investment strategy.

By Kyle Dunn

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