Why Are There No Paragraphs On Freeway Signs?

As it relates to marketing alternatives, there is a lesson here for sure. Simply put, the world has changed. It’s not that we can’t slow down to absorb information; it’s the fact we no longer do. Emails pile up, text layer on top of one another, connections ping us, Twitter encourages us, Google news hits us… the list goes on.

Case in point, I just jumped from writing this blog to check my emails. 10 emails have hit me since I started writing this. I want to complete the post, however, I am now feeling hurried.

Lets face it, we are all feeling hurried to get to the next thing. Whether we should be or not, there is just too much information out there pulling us in too many directions.

Are investors immune to this modern phenomenon? In reality they probably have it worse. There aren’t a 100,000 + people that want what I got, and I still can’t keep up.

Yet, in our industry, we still believe that a 37-page power point deck is the most effective tool to engage investors. You tell me how this is different than putting a paragraph on a freeway sign?

Build something akin to a big fat arrow. Get the investor off the freeway, and in place where they are prepared to listen. If you do this, you will be way more successful raising money.

15 emails…

By Kyle Dunn

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