Alternatives and the Marketing Hour Glass

Someone just asked me how I convince people to think differently about marketing alternatives.

Thinking, it occurred to me that we really don’t convince anyone of anything.  We simply talk to people who are already convinced.

That leaves the people that aren’t convinced.  Those people, the ones that say things like, “we don’t need a website, “video isn’t important,” and/or “LinkedIn is a waste of time” are, by the process of elimination, taking the stance that all the “non-credible” people will try the “witchcraft” we promote, determine it doesn’t work, and revert back to their wonderful powerpoint decks.

Meanwhile, there are groups out there doing things like this:

This digital deck is 100 times more engaging than any PowerPoint presentation that has ever been made.  And if you take the time to click the link, and don’t agree, ask yourself this: Do you think there are more people out there who would agree with you or disagree with you? You can try to convince yourself of the former, however, that might be tough.

We believe that more people are going to agree with us, that this is a smarter more engaging way to present INTRODUCTORY information.  More and more people will start to pursue things like this.   As more people start to pursue things like this, what do you think will happen to those that don’t?

Trick question. Their AUM will slowly deteriorate and the funds will die. For everyone else, two words: keep up.

By Kyle Dunn