I Just Increased My LinkedIn Exposure By 500% -- And It Took Less Than 5 Minutes

Becoming relevant and shaping identity doesn’t happen accidentally.

It requires deliberate effort – marketing, networking, relationship management…stuff that most people just don’t have time for because there is rarely an immediate pay-off.

But why let that slow you down?

I posted this to my network a couple of days ago.  And with just a few clicks, my colleague, Alan, launched it out to a much wider audience on my behalf.  More importantly, it’s a receptive audience – the LinkedIn networks of all of my colleagues.  The best part – my colleagues didn’t have to do a thing.

The product that we use is called Hootsuite.  Hootsuite allows a single administrator to disseminate content on behalf of multiple people and to multiple social networks.  It’s not new and it’s not the only product we use for this sort of stuff.  But it is an awesome efficiency tool.

Get Ahead in 2015 with Marketing Alternatives

Do the math…if everyone in a 10 person firm wrote just one blog post, article, research piece or whitepaper in a month and they circulate it to their own LinkedIn network of 500 people – that is 5000 total “touches” in a month for your business.  If those posts were also distributed to everyone else’s network, that’s 50,000 touches!  And that doesn’t include all of the forwarding and other random hits generated.

Do that consistently over time and now you’re shaping people’s pre-conceived notions of your value proposition.   And that is branding the easy way.

By JD David

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