Get Ahead In 2015 With Marketing Alternatives

We have made some very distinct observations about marketing alternatives in 2014.  Here’s a quick guide on how to get a jump on 2015.

In no particular order:

  • Don’t expect your marketing deck to accomplish as much as it used to. The industry has matured.  There are hundreds of managers across almost every strategy.  Your deck is going to have the same words as dozens of others.  It will sit on the same pile.  W’re not saying that you don’t need a deck. You do. It just won’t get the response it used to.  You need to approach investors from a variety of angles with a variety of tools across a variety of channels.
  • Out of the gates, less is more.   There is simply too much information available these days to think that an investor is going to invest a lot of time to “figure” out what you do and why he or she should invest. You need to get to the point fast and a traditional marketing deck isn’t the best tool to use to do that.  Create a digital deck that is emotional and punchy.
  • If you want to be institutional, your deck isn’t the place to be different. Ok we’re eating some humble pie.  (More specifically Kyle is eating humble pie.) We created some great decks that were dynamic and different.   The institutional investors were not amused.  Back to horizontal power point we go.  There is one caveat, if you know you don’t fit in the round hole day one, there is little risk in making a statement with your deck.
  • If you want to win points with investors, simplify the diligence process. And no, data rooms are not the answer.   They are clunky and don’t impress.  Create a password protected diligence platform that functions like retail facing website.
  • Video is the best tool to lead with.  Institutional or non-institutional, you can get more information across in a more compelling form with video than you can any other tool.  Again, a video is not intended to replace your marketing deck; rather, it is what you use to get an investor to ask for your marketing deck.  (And you will probably notice that there will be less focus on your marketing deck post video than pre-video.)
  • In marketing consistency is just as important as performance.  You need to be in front of your existing LPs and prospective investors a lot more than you think you do.
  • You can no longer get away just talking about performance, trades or deals.   Investors look at executive summaries, deal sheets, and case studies more than you can imagine.  This information doesn’t differentiate you.  You are just part of a constant hum that is the industry.  If you want to be perceived as being different you need to challenge the minds of the people you are communicating with.  Share opinions, make statements, write white papers… be heard.  This is how you will separate from the pack.
  • Partake in content marketing.  What is content marketing?  This is simply the act of creating interesting content that people engage with and then following up with those that engage.  Yet, the point above is important.  You have to say something interesting, and you have to do it for a long time.
  • Employee Advocacy is extremely powerful.  Not to let the cat out of the bag, however, there is a great deal of skepticism around marketing these days.  To combat this firms have been leveraging the collective voice of their employees to reach their target audience.  Say you have 25 people in your firm, and on average there are 500 (unique) LinkedIn contacts / person.  You have an ability to hit 12,500 people with interesting content on a daily basis that can help steer opinion.   And the technology you can use to do this is extremely powerful.
  • Start learning about the power of online platforms to source capital.  The sooner you engage with online platforms the better.  It isn’t about whether or not they have an impact. It is about how much.
  • Emotions are more powerful than numbers.  Yes, if you are outperforming everybody, don’t worry about kissing babies.  (Although if you live by the sword, you die by the sword.)  For pretty much everybody else, the charisma, passion and conviction you can capture in a video will be more powerful than any number you can post.  Investors can easily find 100 managers that have hit 15% / annum for 10 years.  What they are looking for is that spark, something that stands out among the crowd.

By Kyle Dunn