Speed Up Or Move Over

Speed is your ally.

One of the underlying issues that the alternative investment industry faces is speed, or the lack thereof.

Managers need to think fast and move faster.  Gone are the days when someone is going to invest the time to read anything.  Traditional decks take too long to get to the point.  If this industry were to build a freeway sign, it would put a paragraph on it.  News flash: the cars are moving too quick to read the damn sign.

You can’t hand an investor a big box of information and expect them to dig through it and find the relevant information.  (Which is akin to providing a deck.)  We live in an ADD society where having an empty inbox provides more utility than finding a great investment strategy.  (Ok, that is a big point – I made it up, but there is probably some truth to it.)

Successful marketing today is about efficiently delivering information.  You need to build a sign with a big arrow to get people to pull off the freeway.  More importantly, a dilapidated sign (read: a bad website) isn’t going to motivate anyone to take the off-ramp.  They are going to keep driving until they see a branded sign that they are familiar with.  Managers need to realize that they are just as much in the marketing business as they are the investment business.

By Kyle Dunn