Why Design Matters

Let me ask you a question: If you could choose a car that best captures your personality, your image, or even your desired public representation, what would it be?

Now think about why you chose that car. You’d likely tell me that you love the design of the interior, the textures, the gadgets, the shape of the frame, the palette, the entire package – the aesthetic.

Theorists will claim that the understanding and evolving of ‘aesthetic’ broadened in the 18th century. I would argue that it has always played an enormous role in civilizations long ago – the Greeks, obviously! But even more so, aesthetic attraction and appeal is something that is both formed and shaped on a cultural level, but experienced on a neurological level. In fact, it’s called Neuroesthetics.

Now let me ask you what your favorite product is, or your favorite website. Got it? I am confident that your choice is likely swayed by engaging aesthetic. I am also 99.999% certain that your choice does not come from a company within the financial world. Why is that?

I find it comical when prospects insist their website or other marketing collateral is ‘just fine’, ‘it gets the job done’,the message across’,remains conservative’. This is a huge mistake, and one that is made all too often by those in the world of capital raising. Just like your favorite car, product, or website, design affects us on a societal level and a visceral one too.

The financial realm is both growing and evolving in a sensory-driven world. It’s not only about the numbers and performance anymore; it’s about how your company can stand out amongst the rest and even more so, be memorable.

By Carly Sewell