20 characteristics of a modern placement agent…

1.)   As a modern placement agent, you understand that nobody “owns” a relationship.

2.)   A traditional “marketing deck” is not the only tool you use.

3.)   You know how to send emails through tools like Mailchimp.

4.)   LinkedIn, Twitter, and the like are not novelties, but effective forms of communication.

5.)   Email analytics are something you care a lot about.

6.)   You insist that managers create a video to help you “sell” their story.

7.)   Email “open rates” no longer impress you.

8.)   You co-operate with other placement agents.

9.)   Getting someone “on the wire” is not hard to accomplish.

10.)   You believe in a multi-channel approach to sourcing capital.

11.)   The firm that you are with has a good website.

12.)   You know how to track whether or not someone has watched a video, and understand why this is a game changer.

13.)   Sonar marketing is not something that only happens on a submarine.

14.) You aren’t worried about being perceived as “Big Brother.”

15.) You embrace online platforms like FNEX.com and crowd funding sites, and see them as tools, not competition.

16.)   Statistics and probabilities are just important to you as relationships and performance.

17.)   You know the difference between lead nurturing and email marketing.

18.)   You can access information across a wide spectrum of product, allowing you to always have something to “market” in any room you are.  Even if that means making an introduction to a colleague.

19.)   Nurturing a relationship requires you to give, not just take.

20.)   Positioning an “ask” as far as 24 months out is something you are smart enough to do.

By Kyle Dunn