Brand Awareness in 7 Steps

7 steps to developing Brand Awareness…

Building AUM is a war won by inches. If you are going to move the needle you need to be in front of your target market in a consistent manner over a long period of time. Here are 7 things can do to help you build brand awareness within the capital markets.

1.) Set up a CRM system, and connect that CRM system to an email system. It is impossible to communicate effectively in a modern world without these two systems working together.

2.) Generate interesting content. If you don’t have anything interesting to say, you are irrelevant.

3.) Spend time on design. Putting 17 paragraphs in an email will accomplish nothing. No one reads paragraphs, and you can’t profile interest.

4.) Don’t use attachments. Attachments are scary for everybody.

5.) BE CONSISTENT. The financial community is notorious for doing things once, and saying, “Well that didn’t work.” The needle is not going to move unless you touch an audience over 18 times. And yes, I made up the 18, but you get the point. You need to be in market saying original things for a long time before anyone will care.

6.) Alternate between general communication and direct communication. Developing awareness isn’t simply about smashing information into the world. You need to monitor who is engaging, and establish direct dialogue with those individuals. For example, if someone clicks on something, follow up on that click through with a direct email, offering some additional insight into the topic at hand.

7.) Ensure you aren’t “just” emailing people. We are all stuck staring at our computers and sometimes forget that it is a big world out there. If you are going to develop awareness you need to be “seen”. Go to events, engage in public relations, write books, etc. The point be interesting and be involved. Don’t sit in an office talking to yourself.

By Kyle Dunn