10 Easy Ways to Make Your Website More Impressive

Even if your existing website isn't a source of new business, it says a lot about the sophistication of your firm. If your website is listed on your business card, potential investors you talk to are already checking it out. 

Here are 10 things you can do to improve your website right now:

  1. Start writing a blog. Blogging is a great way to demonstrate your expertise, AND it's great for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). More on SEO here.
  2. Once you've set up your blog, add a newsletter signup form. Most email marketing platforms, including Mailchimp and Constant Contact, have formbuilders you can customize and embed in any page. *Note: you may need a geek to help you with this.
  3. Add social links. If you think you don't need social links, read this.
  4. Create a mobile version. Okay, maybe this one isn't easy - but it is necessary. Check your website on your phone right now - does it look amazing? If not, you need a mobile version.
  5. Set up Google Analytics. I'm amazed at how often this is left out of the site building process. How can analytics make your website more impressive? It allows you to see where visitors are spending the most time (and where they are bouncing) so you can improve those pages.
  6. Add or update headshots of your team members. Nothing is more visually distracting than uncoordinated, low-quality, or outdated team photos. So practice your squinching and update those photos.
  7. Cut the amount of content in half. And then do it again. The majority of asset management websites cram waaaaay too much copy onto each page, and nobody reads it. Instead, try saying something meaningful, in fewer words.
  8. Post a testimonial from someone in your network. Praise is better when it comes from someone else.
  9. Make sure your contact information includes a variety of ways to reach you. For example, some people really prefer email over calling - let your visitors decide which medium to use to get in touch.
  10. Consider hiring a professional to overhaul the design (AKA 're-skinning'). We like to call this a Website Refresh - see an example here.