10 Twitter Accounts Worth Following

Okay, so you've got a Twitter account and set up a slick profile. You've synched up your account to a social media monitoring service like Hootsuite (we heart Hootsuite).  Now....who to follow? Here are our top 10 most followable accounts, from both the tech and financial spaces.

Twitter accounts to follow right now:

1. Dan Primack - @danprimack. His daily column / email, Term Sheet is informative and worth subscribing to as well.

2. Hootsuite - @hootsuite. Have we mentioned we love Hootsuite? Their main Twitter account is a great source of helpful marketing and social media tips. Contact @Hootsuite_Help for tech and product support.

3. Pensions & Investments Magazine - @pensionsnews

4. Felix Salmon - @felixsalmon. Formerly of Reuters, now senior editor of Fusion and blogger at Medium.

5. Institutional Investor Magazine - @iimag.

6. Business Insider - @businessinsider. Often the first to break stories in the finance space.

7. Fast Company - @FastCompany. Profile reads "Inspiring readers to think beyond traditional boundaries & create the future of business." About sums it up.

8. Forbes - @forbes. 'Nuff said.

9. GS Elevator Gossip - @GSElevator. Satire account initially thought to be actual elevator gossip from Goldman Sachs, since debunked. Inappropriate and hilarious.

10. Axial - @AxialCo. "A platform that connects business owners and their advisors with capital to grow, finance, and sell their companies."