Three simple ways to boost your LinkedIn connections fast…

LinkedIn is an awesome tool to increase your personal brand, create visibility and expand your network.

Not having a LinkedIn profile is akin to a store not having a website.  It is a requirement for basic credibility.  Might as well make good use of it.

There are lots of tips and articles on building your profile, such as this one, Business Insider.

Once you have a profile, LinkedIn makes it very easy to build your network:

1.       From your address book

Under the “Network” tab is an “Add Connections” link.  It is a simple two-step process to invite new connections and you can pretty much port your entire database at once. 

2.       “People You May Know”

LinkedIn has invested serious coin into its algorithms and does an unreal job figuring out who you may already know. 

Toward the bottom of the right side of your LinkedIn profile page is a “People You May Know” link (it also pops up when you invite a new connection).  The page provides one button connectivity. 

Aside from connecting with the people that I know, I also look for “shared connections”.  If I have more than 10 connections in common with someone, chances are – that person and I have something in common ourselves.

3.       Groups and connections

This one takes a bit more work. 

LinkedIn is based on the Kevin Bacon principle….there are only a few degrees separating you from thousands of other people.  This is particularly valid when you work in a common industry. 

When you join a group, there is a button at the top of the group page, called “Members” which, as its name suggests, takes you to the entire list of members - allowing you to connect. 

Similarly, when you connect to an individual (and depending on their privacy settings), you have full access to their network.  Just click on the link to the right of the big blue “Send a Message” button on their profile page. 

Looking through your connection’s connections is really not as creepy as it sounds – after all, there is a good chance that their friends are probably your friends.    Besides…if you are not comfortable with this – LinkedIn’s algos will do it for you….

By JD David