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Saw an article on CNBC.com the other day calling for 3 big hedge fund predictions for 2014.  The first one was that, "Hedge funds will not advertise during the Super Bowl."

I assume this was meant metaphorically -- big asset managers won’t be making big investments into big advertising in 2014. 

In an industry where everyone is racing to be second, I am not putting this prediction in the “bold” category (besides, spots for the Super Bowl have already sold out).

By the way, I’m not even sure it’s a bold prediction to say that big asset managers won’t be making big investments into big advertising in 2015.


That doesn’t mean that asset managers won’t advertise. 

The video that my colleague, Kyle Dunn, produced for Topturn Capital with professional surfer, Joe Curren, is being billed as the first hedge fund advertisement.  We are working on more.  And we are not the only ones.  And over time, it won't just be small hedge funds.

I know - hedge funds are exclusive.  So are Lamborghinis, Gucci watches and Tiffany diamonds.  They all advertise – and unlike asset managers, they aren’t fighting 10,000 competitors for client attention. 

My own prediction – banner ads and Barron's spots this year.  Then the Wall Street Journal and CNBC. 

No doubt, at some point down the road, expect to see Times Square billboards, PGA sponsorships, NASCAR endorsements and yes, even Super Bowl ads.  

The tipping point won’t come tomorrow – hesitation will always exist due to concerns over regulatory scrutiny.  But when it comes to self-promotion, eventually our industry will be just like every other.

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By JD David

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