I am 38 and I don’t read “marketing” decks.

It is not that I can’t read an investment deck, I simply find that 75% of the information included in your standard marketing deck doesn’t say anything, hence I avoid them.  I would also dare to bet that I am not alone, and that every day others become less enthralled with the traditional form in which information is distributed within our sector. 

Most "marketing" decks aren't marketing at all

Hasn’t any noticed that there is a ton of information moving through the pipe every day? All I want to know is the bare essentials.  If it looks good from there I will search out information, and the information I want won’t come from a piece of marketing propaganda created in house.  This is what the industry doesn’t seem to understand.  “The Man” can’t be trusted.  Everyone has good returns, all deals look the same; I want to know what the industry thinks of you. 

Where then does the “real” information live? Online of course. My first move is to Google something.  If there is no website, I get suspicious and abandon any further diligence.  If the website is old school, I get suspicious, if the person has no LinkedIn account, I wonder why, etc.  On the flip side, if the person’s digital footprint (the number of pages that come up) is extensive, and it is positive, my perception of the situation changes dramatically, in a good way. 

Making a long story short, the manner in which people find and trust information is changing, and, again, with each day that goes by there are more of us out here.  The real scary part, in five years, across all industries, people like me will be actually be making decisions. 

By Kyle Dunn