HAVE BIG IDEAS...but use small words

“I would have written a shorter letter, but I did not have the time.”

                                                                                                 -  Blaise Pascal

What's the purpose of your marketing materials?

Hint: it's not actually to make a sale.  

I realize that "them are fightin' words" given the amount of time spent carefully selecting the Cambria font over Book Antiqua and the deliberation over the merits of the squiggly bullet versus the round one

But think about it - how often has an investor actually written you a check based on the PowerPoint you sent in an email?

The real purpose of your marketing material is simply this...to help push potential investors through the buying process - and to do it in the most expedited manner possible.  

How do you eat an elephant? (one bite at a time...)

Too often we see managers sending their entire marketing decks in an introductory email.   The question we always ask is…”what do you expect to come of that?”

The real answer is - there probably will be no feedback…because that email is not actually designed to elicit a response.  It’s not even designed to be read. 

You are basically putting the investor in a room alone with the elephant and saying – “Swallow that thing whole.  Oh, and please let me know when you are done.”

I do agree, that information is important… at some point.  But if your objective is to just get an initial meeting, than create marketing material to achieve just that.

Take the time to craft a message covering just what matters.  Then package it in a form that investors are willing to consume…small, bite-sized chunks.    

Video killed the radio star pitch book

One tool we like to use to connect with prospective investors is video.  Two or three minutes of something that captures your message and your passion for your business.  

The added benefit of video is that it also generates useful analytics.  Not just click-throughs, but also measurable information – who watched, how much they watched, which parts of the video that they replayed, whether or not they forwarded it on to a colleague, etc.

…And, it gets your message across in a digestible package, allowing you to differentiate while you profile interest. 

By JD David