Meet the Alternative Investment Industry’s Creative Jedi.

Like Hans Solo, Carly Sewell is an outsider and fearless.  She routinely walks in rooms and participates on calls with life forms that don’t resemble her own.  Her provocative ideas and edgy design cause the people in the room to buck and thrash.  I used to feel I had to step in to help, however, as Carly grew, I grew. It is now obvious to me that Carly’s creative intelligence is something very few people have or can hope to control.

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September 2019Kyle Dunn
Why Portfolio Managers Make Lousy Fundraisers

Most people think that raising money is solely about “salesmanship” and associate it (often incorrectly) with the proverbial greasy used car salesman. But what it really means is having patience, perseverance, and personality. The personality to relate to others and read a room. These aren’t logic-based actions.

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September 2019JD David
Let The Brand Wars Begin…

In the old days loyalty was utilitarian. “I buy these pants because they are the only pants that I can work in for long periods of time that don’t tear.” (Levi’s). Things change, however, when competition shows up.

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Kyle Dunn
Why Fundraising Boot Camp Makes Sense

It’s like looking at one of those before and after body photos. Most of us just have several versions of the ‘before’ body – just as most managers have several versions of the ‘before’ message. But really, what’s the point of making the effort if you never get to the ‘after?’

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April 2019JD David
Explaining The Concept Of Brand

The big question you need to be asking yourself is what you want an allocator to “feel” when they consider placing capital with you? You sure as heck don’t want them hearing your name and thinking, “an organization that buys companies, improves performance, and then sells for a profit,” or “an organization that buys and sells shares in public companies for profit.”

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April 2019Kyle Dunn