Frequently Asked Questions

+ 1. How are my prospects ‘tracked’?

Through the use of cookies – a small text file that is stored on each visitor’s device when they visit your website. These cookies provide behavioral data (i.e. IP address, geolocation, pageviews, etc.) and can further identify names and email addresses if prospects engage with you through an email campaign or form.

There is no cross-tracking; you only receive data from visits to your website. You will not receive data from web visitors’ other online activity.

Web visitor data is stored on a secure and compliant server. It is not shared with anyone other than users from your company.

+ 2. What disclaimers are necessary?

As with most websites that use cookies, it is necessary to inform visitors of its use, and that they are also able to opt-out of all communications via email, phone, or regular mail. However, Meyler does not provide legal advice and we recommend you speak directly with your legal counsel.

+ 3. Does my data remain private to me?

Your data is accessible only by you, as well as other users who you have given access to within your organization. Your data is not accessible by any other clients of Meyler.

As your system administrator, we have access to your data for upkeep of your CRM, consulting, reporting, and technical troubleshooting when the need arises.

An audit log is available if necessary – this lists all historical activities and actions performed by each user.

+ 4. How does this work with other software that I presently use?

The Meyler Communications & Analytics platform provides you with a CRM, email & social marketing tools that are designed to replace existing systems. Syncing these tools with other software and apps works on a case-by-case basis depending on our API provider.

Please note that these systems are not designed to replace your fund administrator or to provide compliance oversight.

+ 5. How does the import / set-up process work?

As part of the set-up, Meyler will help clean-up your existing data into import-ready formats. This often includes the scrubbing of emails that may be no longer in use, the parsing and cleaning of each cell, and the creation of custom fields. This will be the most collaborative part of the set-up, and typically the longest part of the set-up based on the cleanliness of each user’s lists.

On the website front, Meyler works with you to inject header code to properly track your prospects. Forms will also need to be replaced for them to be fully automated.

Email templates, landing pages, and automation workflows are then set-up and Meyler works with you to fine-tune these until they are ready for launch.

+ 6. What activities can be automated?

Most marketing-related manual tasks that you are presently performing can be automated.

Example (automated email campaigns):

  1. Schedule email campaigns to arrive at your prospects’ inboxes at the optimal time at their own time zones.
  2. Have real-time alerts hit your inbox each time a prospect clicks on more than 2 hyperlinks.
  3. Automated emails go out immediately to contacts who click on a ‘Request Information’ button in your email campaign.
  4. Follow-up email campaigns to hit the same group of individuals who requested more information, exactly 3 days later.

Example (form fills):

  1. ‘New’ prospect sends an inquiry via a form on your Contact-Us page.
  2. Prospect information is immediately entered into your CRM.
  3. Prospect’s online behavior is being tracked henceforth, with lead scores generated based on present and future actions.
  4. An automated email lands in prospects’ inbox informing them that someone from your team will be in touch shortly.
  5. An email alert hits you, informing you of the inquiry.

+ 7. How are lead scores generated?

You can assign lead scores based on attributes, and engagement.

Attributes – Assigning a score based on a prospect’s information. Example: Scoring prospects differently based on their Investor Type (Accredited / HNW / Family Office / RIA / etc.)

Engagement – Assigning scores based on how prospects interact with your website, emails, pitchbook, etc. In analyzing prospects’ activities as they become LPs, you will learn which activities are most relevant in profiling interest and can score high-value activity with more points.

+ 8. How much does this cost?

Our plans start at $1,500 / month for access to all services and software. Prices vary based on (1) # of contacts, (2) # of users, and (3) the depth of consulting between Meyler and your company.

Plans cover all monthly subscription to the various software, as well as API connectivity between software.

+ 9. What is your cancellation policy?

Your account can be terminated anytime; we only ask for a 30-day notice period. All contact information, email history, and reports will be exported and sent to you before the closure of your account. Following which, all data will be destroyed; Meyler will not retain any of our clients’ data following the termination of an account.

Should you wish to continue using the software independently from Meyler (i.e. terminate the consulting relationship but retain access to accounts), Meyler will assist in the full transfer to an independent account, and you will have exclusive access to your accounts. Please note that Meyler will no longer be able to assist with technical issues once this is done.

+ 10. Is there an onboarding/training process?

Upon completion of the set-up phase, two formal training sessions will be conducted: (1) CRM demo, and (2) Marketing demo. In addition, a weekly Marketing Strategy call will be set up to ensure consistent communication between you and Meyler.

Outside of the weekly check-in, you will have direct access to the Meyler team both via email and phone.

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