Alan brings a unique perspective to the table, with educational and working experience in Singapore, the US, and Canada. His time with the Singapore Armed Forces has enabled him to approach challenges in a disciplined and strategic manner, and he has consistently been recognized for mentoring new talent and recognizing opportunity.

What fascinates Alan most about marketing is the power behind how a product/service is communicated to consumers, which gives it added value, even when its attributes have not been enhanced. As a marketer, it is Alan's passion to generate interest, create excitement, and to capture this ‘added value.’ Entrepreneurship runs in his blood, and public speaking is a friend of his.

Alan also loves competition – something that dates back to his days as a competitive swimmer – he believes that competition brings out the best in people, and that it also exposes a different side in others when they’re not on the winning end.

Alan holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of British Columbia’s Sauder School of Business.