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Don’t Be “Institutional”. Be Professional, Credible and Inspiring Instead.

A controversial title, perhaps, but the industry has gone too far confusing “institutional” with “uninteresting.” Having spent years building marketing materials for the alternative investment industry, as far as I can tell being “institutional” means that you dilute your message to the point where you are uninspiring, that you mirror the language of your competitors, […]
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Strategic Storytelling

If you need to raise capital with your investment marketing presentation, you will most probably have noticed it is a challenge to keep your potential clients focused on the true value that you bring amidst the constant barrage of information offered by your competitors. Although there are many advocates for effective storytelling in the workplace, […]
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See If Grandma Gets It

  Think about the last five investment marketing presentations that you attended: 1. Were any of the ideas and presentations memorable? 2. And if so, why did those talks stand out from the crowd? 3. Can you remember the key message? 4. Can you recall the solutions offered and key differentiators? 5. What were the […]
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