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A Hedge Fund Is Forever

Heard the phrase, ‘A Diamond Is Forever’? Probably. It’s been in every De Beers engagement advertisement since 1948 (as of 2016), and was also awarded the “#1 Slogan of the Century” by Ad Age1. How did this famous slogan come about? A quick step back into history… Diamonds were seen as an extravagance for the […]
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Brand Over Performance

  Hedge funds and PE funds need to position their brand in front of their performance…   Hear me out.   This is what the landscape looks like today:   Service Providers         Brand         Pedigree         Performance Less important ————————————— Really Important   This is what I think it […]
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Golf: The Ultimate Hedge Fund Marketing Tool…But for a Totally Different Reason Than You May Think

  My partner, Kyle Dunn, nearly convinced Sam Elliott’s agent to have Sam do the voice-over for a hedge fund video we produced. His resonant and recognizable voice was ideal to convey the message of an off-Wall Street, thoughtful and independent-minded manager.   Of course, we could have just written a marketing deck that says, […]
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