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10 Common Mistakes That Make Smart Investment Managers Look Naive – Part II

  (Click HERE  For Part I)   6. Employing a “sophisticated, systematic and repeatable” investment strategy but an undisciplined and discretionary marketing strategy    “I did PR once. It didn’t work.”   One client’s comment during a brand development discussion Imagine scrapping your entire investment strategy every time a trade doesn’t immediately go your way? Just […]
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3 Questions To Ask Your Marketing Team

The term ‘marketing’ as used in the Alternatives industry has a different meaning than in just about any other industry.  Usually, Marketing involves brand development, advertising, promotion, market research, communications strategy and visual / graphic production.  But in the Alternatives space ‘marketing’ has been much more closely identified with sales and with relationship management – […]
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A Manager Asks: Does Blogging Work?

  In industry terms, does blogging (i.e. market commentary, white papers, thought pieces, etc.) help you build relationships and raise capital? The answer: “Yes.” Yes – it helps you get in conversations that you otherwise wouldn’t have been in, and yes, it offers your investors / prospective investors an additional touch point as often as […]
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