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The one simple thing that Bridgewater does regularly that you can easily replicate

As Kyle Dunn, points out in his book, Raising Institutional Capital: Fight $marter, it’s not possible to have an authentic relationship with an investor if you are always just asking for money.  You need to first build trust, credibility and relevance.     Most managers that we speak with confuse “trust” with performance.  Sure performance […]
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“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said, faster horses” –          Henry Ford   The rule change that redefined professional football According to Wikipedia, St. Louis University coach, Eddie Cochems is credited for calling the first legal forward passing play in 1906 – just months after a rule change allowing it […]
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Introducing the Website Refresh

What is a Website Refresh? A website redesign (or ‘refresh’, as we call it), breathes new life into your existing site, without the time and financial commitment of completely rebuilding it. We’ve built a lot of websites, and we know that the most time-consuming part is deciding on the structure and writing the content. A […]
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Yes, Social Media is Relevant to Asset Managers

Social media is no longer optional, even for managers of private funds We hear plenty of objections from asset managers about why they don’t think social media is relevant to their business. For example: “Our target market isn’t on social media.” Oh really? You may be surprised to hear that the fastest growing demographic on […]
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15 Tips for a More Successful Investor Meeting

15 tips that will make your first meeting with an investor more successful In their effort to impress institutional investors, managers labor tirelessly over their pitch books, spending dozens of hours micro-analyzing every word, every graph. And then they forgo any chance of ever raising any money within 3 minutes of walking into a room […]
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Brand Awareness in 7 Steps

7 steps to developing Brand Awareness… Building AUM is a war won by inches. If you are going to move the needle you need to be in front of your target market in a consistent manner over a long period of time. Here are 7 things can do to help you build brand awareness within […]
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