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Why You Need To Stop Stressing Over Performance – And Start Stressing Over Other Stuff

Took a survey among my colleagues. Small sample-set, unscientific process and had absolutely nothing to do with our business…so take it for what it is.   “What were the must-haves when you purchased your laptop?”   The most popular answers (in no particular order): Large screen Portability Speed Affordability   So I dug-in a bit, […]
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A Whodunit for Fund Managers

Piecing together clues to solve a mystery has a certain appeal – especially when the dramatic reveal shows that we were right. The same process of piecing together clues and evidence can be used to help Increase your AUM. Rest assured, it doesn’t require stakeouts, wiretaps and a reluctant ex-partner in the police department. In […]
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What Do Lizards, Monster Trucks, And Asset Managers Have In Common?

I have made an interesting observation that fund managers should reflect on. At Meyler we write blogs about marketing, raising capital, the alternatives industry and the like.  Our primary audience: fund managers. Men and women casting for money.   We share our opinions within blog posts to demonstrate to asset managers that we think differently […]
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What Your Marketing Dollars Really Get You

In a ten minute stretch during last week’s Monday Night Football game, there were three  separate Mercedes-Benz commercials shown on consecutive TV breaks.  Pretty aggressive.   So, the obvious question… how many new cars were purchased in direct response to all of that marketing?   I would be surprised if the answer is anything but […]
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