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Here’s How You can Build An Audience Regardless Of The Market Situation

We receive several inquiries a week from managers that struggle getting into conversations. Many of them have excellent performance and an institutional infrastructure.   Between 4 and 10% of all hedge funds fail or close down each year, and countless others are half-started, abandoned or re-shaped into private investment pools for friends and family. The […]
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If You Haven’t Embraced Social Media, You Might Be Missing Out… Here’s Why

A couple of weeks ago, Bloomberg put out an article: Hedge Fund Manager Puts Profile on Social Media, Lures $20 Million on how a young manager landed a university endowment with the help of an online platform. It’s pretty amazing that before you even meet the manager, I’ve already done all the background research…   […]
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Four Trillion Reasons to Re-think What Business You’re Really In

Four point six trillion actually… That’s how much money Blackrock oversees. Ask most people what business Blackrock is in and they will undoubtedly just say, asset management. But that is a very myopic response. In my eyes, it is more accurate to characterize Blackrock as a marketing and distribution company that manages assets as opposed […]
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