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  • Jim M. and I presented to a lunch meeting of 20 HNWs and ultra-HNWs in Montreal yesterday and after a quick 10-second introductions played the video. At the conclusion of the video, the crowd was silent and the first person to speak said… "How do I invest?" Mission accomplished great work on a compelling video.

    Jim HynesRockspring Capital
  • It was a real pleasure to work with Meyler.  We are ecstatic about how our marketing collateral turned out.  They were able to help us articulate our value proposition and story in a way that had not occurred to us and then create imagery around that story to elicit emotion in a way that we believe our clients can connect to.  The entire experience with Meyler was a positive one.

    Chuck AnsbacherAnsbacher Investment Management
  • I don’t have a marketing bone in my body but working with Meyler was a very collaborative experience from start to finish – I was just as involved as they were. They were able to decipher my story in a way that would excite investors, and also brought a level of creative thinking that was beyond my expectations in the alternative investments industry.

    Gerald BogartDorchester Advisors
  • Before contacting Meyler, I was curious about marketing my firm and investment process. First, how to extract and condense what was in my head. And second, could I take a risk with my (web) presence—create something less rigid with a bit of personality and soul. The first meeting was productive even though I didn’t know it! The Meyler team asked questions which seem to resolve pieces of a puzzle on their side. Interestingly, the process was helpful in broadening my own perspective and awareness too. On our second meeting, I found Meyler's first draft and interpretation of my work remarkably insightful! By the third meeting, where we discussed web design, I had learned to sit back, relax, and trust the Meyler process. At this point, I effectively said, 'have at it!’, excited to see how they might fill the canvas. The result is something genuinely unique that freely steps outside of the confines of the traditionally-bland investment marketing. The process was introspective and fun. Most importantly, it gave me a tool for the often arduous task of raising capital—a launching point for discussing my passion, my investment process.

    Paul JablonskiKraken Investments
  • Meyler took the time to find out who WE are and worked on OUR schedule to get us something that WE were ecstatic about. The whole process was about US, which is why we went with Meyler in the first place.

    Christopher PrestonCEO, Ross Smith Asset Management
  • Kyle and the team at Meyler Creative will take you through a process that makes you look at your organization from many different facets and build a very authentic foundation story, to polish what you formerly expressed as statistics and numbers that drift past your audience's conscious. They truly polish diamonds in the rough.

    Janine NorthNorthern Development Initiative Trust
  • Meyler Capital added tremendous value to our firm in terms of tools, strategy and process. The video Meyler created has provided us with a new and innovative mechanism to message our value proposition.

    Jason JarjosaManaging Partner, Bloomfield Capital
  • From our first conversation with Kyle we have been thinking differently about what we do and how we can do it better. The excitement about where we are planning to take our firm with Kyle’s direction is incredible.

    David St. PierrePrincipal, Legacy Capital
  • Meyler gets it! Kyle and team have broken the terribly outdated marketing mold that the investment industry has relied upon for far too long. They combine fresh, new thinking and the latest tools to help our message cut through where most others fail. We are being heard, while our competitors repeat mistakes of the past.

    Ken McCordPresident & Portfolio Manager, KFL Capital Management
  • Kyle Dunn and his team at Meyler are experts in marketing specializing in tools to source capital by cultivating investors who are interested in active and passive investment vehicles. Kyle is extremely creative and service oriented and uses cutting edge methods and design. The Meyler team excels at video production that quickly captured and displayed our venture's personality, as well as the back end cultivation and tracking of the effectiveness of our marketing efforts. I highly recommend Kyle and the Meyler team!

    Robert CirulnickCPA, President, Ultimate Real Estate, LLC
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