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We are an entrepreneurial and extremely passionate group of people driven by a powerful vision to change how the financial services industry raises capital for alternative asset managers.  Meyler is a “people first” organization and is always on the look-out for ambitious, upbeat individuals that share our core beliefs.  It’s about “attitude over aptitude” – experience is important… but not the first thing we look for.



Helping people realize their personal potential

Our job at Meyler is to create an environment where people can flourish – both personally and professionally.  We appreciate the value of empowering people to take initiative.  Many of the major decisions that drive the direction of our entire company were started as the result of an observation stemming from a routine client conversation.

The importance of great culture

While most of the world is focused on “what” they do, we are inspired by “why“.   While we would never minimize the importance of things like money and recognition – they are not the powerful motivators of human action that the world tends to believe.  The true driver of change lies in the power of purpose, the feeling of accomplishment and the satisfaction that comes with contribution.  Difference makers are the ones with the most compelling “why“. We start from the idea that a financial institution driven by great marketing will win and that humans will always drive results.  Teams are simply a collection of people.  Successful teams are those that are energized to work together toward a common purpose.

Why brand matters

You chose Ford or GM and Coke over Pepsi every time.  You see a “swoosh” and immediately think Nike.  When you need to blow your nose, you ask for “Kleenex” rather than “facial tissue”. This is not an accident.  These are all examples of great branding.   And despite insistence to the contrary, it occurs every day in the alternatives industry, as well.   The managers that utilize messaging to connote stability or trust or brilliance or opportunity – those are the ones that are most likely to attract money. Developing brand and name recognition are crucial to Meyler’s growth.  Being associated with ingenuity, opportunity and authenticity is just a start.


Please email us at and include your cover-letter, resume, and supplementary documents that show why you’re a cut above the rest.

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